This past May, my mom turned 50. Leading up to her 50th, and the big party that we held for her, I decided that I wanted to learn how to decorate cakes so that I could make her a cake. I didn't want this to be the normal, kind of average cake that we typically see at birthdays, but I also didn't have $60+ to enrol in cake decorating classes either. So I taught myself.

This blog will take you through my experiences, good and bad, as I teach myself how to decorate cakes. This includes posts about such topics as:
  • Using rolled fondant
  • Baking cakes
  • Making cupcakes
  • Assembling decorated cakes
  • Using different icing types/techniques
  • Eating the cakes afterwards
Some cakes were more successful than others, but there was no previous experience or training. To learn the basics, I logged on to the Wilton website and read about various techniques. While classes may have been more interactive and would have refined my skills, I think you'll find that my way has made it all the more interesting.

All of the pictures on the blog are of my own cakes (good and bad), and have been taken by me. The background to the page is a photo of basic yellow cupcakes, and the image in the header is of red velvet cupcakes with fondant daisies. I hope that these images, along with other throughout the blog posts, will  give you an idea of what I've been able to learn through the joys of reading, guesswork, and a little experimentation! 

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